Random Comment Awards

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March 7, 2005:

Winning Comment: Smurf: me and stewie travelled around the mooooooooon!

March 4, 2005:

Winning Comment: Jenny: when kris goes to bed with an itchy bum he wakes up with a smelly finger.

March 3, 2005:

We have a tie!

Winning Comments: Nicole: rolling around in the cheerio dust, the nugget with lettuce and bread sneered at the abstract notion of hunger. AND Chad: sometimes, a few days after my testicles have been freshly shaven, they itch when i walk. i mean more so than usual.

March 2, 2005:

Winning Comment: Nicole: a lemon merainge pie can gravitate slowly around the atmosphere of jupiter and still stay fresh

March 1, 2005:

Winning Comment: Smurf: Holy shit a cow ate my hair

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