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The Altdorf Courier is the quarterly news letter for the Geelong/Melbourne Blood Bowl League (GMBBL). Hang around, and I'll have it in HTML soon for you to view! My favourite hobby is Blood Bowl, thus my web page dedicated to it. I am the League Commissioner of the GMBBL, a growing league I founded in 1995 with my best friend Mike Goodwin. He is the most successfull coach after myself having won the Chaos Cup coaching the Skavenblight Scramblers in 1994 before the league began, and runners-up with his famous Zhufbar Miners in the 1995 Chaos Cup. Check out the GMBBL at it's web site maintained by Mike below:

Geelong/Melbourne Blood Bowl League

My favourite team, and the greatest team in GMBBL history is the Dragon Lords Blood Bowl Franchise, has a home here on the web - the Dragon Dome. This famous team is the oldest in League history, the most successfull, and one of it's founding members along with the Zhufbar Miners, Athair Cardinals and the Rune Hammers (formally the Mystic Warders). Take a look at the revered Dome:

Dragon Dome

As well as the famous Dragon Lords, I have also run other teams in the League. The most notable of these is the Rune Hammers, who were formally known as the Mystic Warders. They had an unusual season 1995 - these dwarves won only one of their first five but made the quarters of the Blood Bowl finals. They then beat the almost unstoppable Creepin' Death Undead outfit that were favourites for the title and should have beaten the Ballistic BoarTusks who went on to be beaten by the Dragon Lords in the finals. But in the Chaos Cup (playoff for 3rd/4th) they came up against the powerfull Zhufbar Miners, team rating 230, while the Warders were only TR 180. They beat the Miners 2-0 but the tournament organisers decided to give all the prize money to the Miners! So with no money they changed their name to the Rune Hammers, moved from Khazad-Dum to Karaz-a-Karak and hoped to build a great 1996. They didn't make the finals, finishing 6th out of 13 teams.

I have a skaven team called Feral Justice who boast Erritt Sniff, Mucus Allatt, both famous gutter runners, a well known thrower called Randy Cunningrat, and a 7 strength rat ogre called Ratty Wotters. Can anyone work out these names? My other team preparing for season 1997 is Crimson Storm, a wood elven team.

I'll be adding more to my page when I can get the time, so keep an eye out! Meanwhile, below are my favourite Blood Bowl links from around the globe! For anyone that is interested in Blood Bowl, join the Blood Bowl Mailing List. Informative, interesting, you get to talk to us guys... I won't go on any more! Check out the details on Andy Cowell's Triple Skulls page.


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