Welcome to the NEW and improved #Metallica web page!

The HACKED #Metallica Homepage

This page was maintained by _Raistlin. A THIEF! WHO STOLE ARTWORK THAT WAS POSTED HERE AS HIS!!!!!
So now the best way to contact this JACKASS is by snail mail (SEND MAILBOMBS IF YOU WANT :-)
Steve Chiavelli (ASSHOLE)
12 Pinewood Rd.
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
P.S. Rumor has it that Steve enjoys getting mail bombs (the bigger the better), along with Gay love letters.
In the future we hope that Steve will have learned
that "Playing with fire, WILL get you burned."
We know Steve will not steal ever again
because he doesn't want us to post his
Social Security # or Phone #  :-)
Remeber Steve old boy, we are watch you.  SO be GOOD!