Welcome to Mark's Web Page!

Sure, the last thing the 'net needs is yet another 'welcome to my page' page, but I just couldn't resist!

On this page, I intend to keep a collection of (almost) everything that I create, be it visual, audio, or whatever.

So expect to see some weird stuff here... coz anything that comes outta my head's gotta be quirky :)


Ta b l e Of Co n t e n t s:

1/ Musics



Okay, so I'm a long way away from being a professional DJ, but here's a couple of tunes that I whipped up on my home PC.

(MP3's, click to download):
Muckin' Around (My latest effort... still not really happy with it though!)
Wheeze (An old toon of mine)
Boot Up or Down (really old toon... eeek!!!)


Umm, I use (and strongly recommend) a combination of the followin proggies to make pumpin tunes:
Sonic Foundry Acid (Put it all together with this incredible app)
Cool Edit (Grab samples from anywhere and do crazy effects)
Rebirth (Good synth, fairly crappy beats)
Hammerhead (Great beats... kinda)
Stomper (Create crazy sounds & beats)
Winamp (Listen to the final product)


If you're interested in hearing some of my friends tunes, check out these links:
PhaEZOne (Cool tunes, mainly Drum & Bass)
Cypher (Currently down)


My Musical Preferences:
Pink Floyd (Simply the greatest)
Led Zeppelin (Still rocks today)
Chemical Brothers ("Da Brothers Gonna Work It Out" (Leave Home) and the Primal Scream Jailbird remix got me into these dudes and wow, all their stuff is incredible possibly except for a couple of rushed tracks on Surrender)
Radiohead (Really can't wait for their new album - should be out sometime in 2000)
Pound System (Local Australian act, really pumpin' big-beat crazy shite! It's all in my Hip Pocket!)
Hardknox (Saw 'em @ a local music festival: The Big Day Out, rushed out and bought the album, and never looked back)
Others: Beth Orton, Bomfunk MC's, Leftfield, New Order, Future Sound of London, Koxbox, Fluke & heaps more (changes/evolves every day!)


Here's some pics of mine (click for full-size image)
They're not really in any order, but I'll probably collect them into groups when there's too many to put here.

Image 1
("Canvas on canvas")

Image 2
("The World Is A...")

Image 3

Image 4

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Image 5
(My personal fave)

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

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No Name 9
(My sleeve design for a Chemical
Brothers Bootleg)

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12
(Jess, this was a pic of you!
*big grin*)

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Image 13

Image 14
("The Marvellous")

Image 15

Image 16

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... More to come ...



I consider most of my recent writings too personal to just post on the web. And all of my older writings are well... older! But if anything half-decent ever jumps outta my head and onto a piece of paper, I'll be sure to upload it here!


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