N a m a s t e . . . W e l c o m e . . . V a n a k k a m

'Jananam' means Birth.
Evolution of a complete person transits through many colours in Life.
Let's surf through a small part of my life ...

For those who have yet to know me in person &
For those who already know me, seize this chance to know me better...

The very first time I started creating a web page of my own was in 1996 December. Halfway, I became addicted to chatting and much time was wasted flirting in the net and soon after, I became caught up with varsity life in mid 97 and it was no longer virtual flirting ;p ...so conveniently, I left my web page hanging in the net....

Now, after almost 3 years ... I've decided to start from scratch again ! Here's the new version of my personal web page ! I hope to fill the pages with stuff that are of interest to many ; cool links, interesting articles, stunning photos, jokes, email junkies, executable files, quotable quotes and of course not forgetting the details of my family, my friends and myself !

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Have Fun (surfing) . . . Life's Short.


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