For Sale!

2003 Honda GoldWing 1800 w/ABS Brakes

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Youíve seen the commercials for the ultimate touring bike. 
Youíve seen them on the road.  
You may even have friend who owns one.  
And you have dreamed of owning one.  
What stopped you? That $18,999.00 for a no-frills 2004 selling price!
Well open your eyes for your dream has just come true! 

Now you can own this meticulously kept and accessorized 2003 Goldwing for a ridiculously low price of

(NADA book price for a 2003 Goldwing with ABS brakes in standardno options factory configuration is $16,500.00)  

Year: 2003
Make: Honda
Model:  GL 1800A Goldwing with ABS
Mileage: Less than 11,000
Colour: Silver
Garage kept in Northeast Florida
ECM has been changed out

And just look at the accessories that come with it

Honda supplied accessories:
CB Radio with antenna
Rear Speakers
Passenger CB-Volume Control Switch
12V Accessory Plug
Hondaline Trunk and Saddlebag Carry bags
Service Manual on CD
Extended Warranty

Non-Honda supplied accessories:
Cee Bailey Headlamp Protectors
Tulsa X-tra Tall Tinted Windshield with vent
Tulsa Wings
Tulsa Mirror Wings
Tulsa Belly pan
Kuryaken ISO Touring Pegs
Kuryaken Hand grips
Kuryaken Throttle Boss (both left and right side)
Kuryaken Chrome Insert for Throttle Bosses
Texelent Handlebar Mounting System w/mount for Garmin Street Pilot III GPS
Utopia Back Rest (Removable)
Hoppnel 3-Pocket storage pouches for both left and right Fairing Pockets
Hoppnel Gas Tank Storage pouch
Back-Off Tail light Modulator
Showchrome Trunk lights
Showchrome Saddlebag lights
FM Modulator internally wired for XM Roady satellite receiver
Kennedy Cell Set for Garmin Street Pilot III GPS receiver
Floor Boards with Heel to Toe shifter
(Original stock windshield available)

 Service and Maintenance:

This bike has been serviced in accordance with the Honda Service period recommendations; in fact I change the oil/filter and related fluids more frequently than specified in the ownerís manual.

 This bike has never been involved in an accident and except for normal wear and tear appearance (minor scratches) looks just about show room new.

Still interested? Then letís talk.

This bike has clear title and I am the sole owner.


Jim Schroeder

In order to keep the scammers at bay,
email me with your name, address and  telephone number and Iíll happily supply my address and  phone number and we can arrange a date and time for you to come by and look for yourself at this bargain!

But, please be a serious inquiry only.  Iíll be direct and tell you that this selling price is FIRM! 

So if youíre looking to talk me down a few thousand or claim to represent a 3rd party buyer from overseas  - please donít waste your time nor mine.