...A Website for city dwellers in Boston
who would like to turn their neighborhood into
picture of flowers and produce
so they can provide for:
themselves, each other, and the city...

  1. Why is Community Gardening so rewarding and important? To find a detailed answer to this, please check out the "About" section of this website.

  2. If you are getting excited, and you are seeing yourself digging in the dirt already but you do not know of any Community Gardens in Boston, please go to the "Location" section for some great examples and ideas.

  3. You found a great vacant lot but you do not know how to take it from there, then the "Involvement" section would be the place to be: here is where you can find great organizations, resources and other valuable information.

  4. Now let's get "down and dirty" (with the soil that is...). In the "Blooming Garden" section you will find excellent design ideas, a list of plant species that would do well in the City and an overview of Composting/Recycling your garden products.

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