"Is there a Land of True Love?" people sometimes ask themselves. Yes, of course there is. That Land of True Love in the World Wide Web is where Online Romances have happy endings and Real Life beginnings. . .

The first time I logged onto the Net was June 1, 1996. The first time I chatted was around June 6, 1996. June 14, 1996 was when I met the love of my life.. my soulmate.. my fiancé, James. I will remember the first words he spoke to me (Okay.. so he typed them.. but who's keeping track?! *lol*) until the day that I die.

Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) can be very difficult at times, but if you stay with your significant other, it's worth it in the long run. I know this for a fact. James and I have been "together" since June 30, 1996. My reason for putting quotes around the word "together" is because, technically, we aren't together. 450+ miles have separated our love from each other since the very beginning. That's been over four years(!!!), people, and we're still loving each other. It takes a lot of love and willpower to get where James and I are today. But, it can be done.. if only you and your Love believe in it.

Update: You may want to check out the fifth year of "About Us" to see the latest breaking news concerning our LDR status...!

About Us - There are a few pictures scattered around these pages. It's a little log of how our relationship is going. Check it out! :o) ***Updated April 1st!!!

Other links... So far, it's only stuff about me. . .

*~*Dear Marnie*~* My own advice column..

*~*Advice*~* My advice to people thus far...

Songs & Poems Just what it says! There's a RealAudio file of the first song as well. Guess who's singing it? *giggles*

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