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'65 Mustang GT with a T: Is it real, or is it bogus?
Updated June 20, 2001

Here's a '65 Mustang Coupe that looks like a GT but has a T engine code in the VIN. Before you blow this car off as bogus, check out some pics - it may make you rethink about Ford's accuracy regarding stamping Mustang VINs

Back Inline! 1965 200 Six Cylinder Mustang Coupe Build up.
NEW! September 21, 2003

Gas prices here in Gouge-Me California kept spiking over $2.00 a gallon. I need a Mileage Master bad but I refuse to drive a car with half an engine.

Final update June 26, 2000

Past project of combining a 6 cyl. '64.5 coupe and a 'V8 65 coupe to make a 'V8 65 coupe with a '64.5 shell. Read what I had to go through to make the beast run.

Crazy Funky Freaky Fairmont Page
Last update June 20, 2005:

Features the '78 Friggin' Futura, What makes a '78 different from a '79-'82 Fairmont, and some cop-'Mont bits

In November 2003 Friggin' Futura ate it's timing gear and died.

Nothing new with the Friggin' Futura. Just updated the December 2003 entry to show what was found after tearing down Friggin's 302.

Project #1: '65 Mustang Fastback

February 10, 2001: Picture of it as a garage shelf.

Article from the D-Man. Another Bright Idea From the D-Man
Last update: Jan 1999.

Please pardon the D-Man's absence. Life happens and he hasn't wrenched on a 'Stang for months.

The D-Man's File 13

Previous articles from the D-Man. (Articles now have Descriptive titles)

The D-Man's Domain
Last update February 7, 2002

The D-Man is building a EFI 351W, T-56, '65 Mustang Fastback. New Update after 3 years of Rip Van Wrinkle.

SPECIAL PROJECTS - Mustang Tech Articles

Special Project #1:
Installation of aftermarket gauges in a '65 Mustang GT bezel. The first special projects for your Vintage Mustang. Unfortunately the pictures are @#!!! Will have to rescan 'em when I have a chance.

Special Project #2:
Updated 2/7/02

A list for those of you who wish to know what is involved to convert a '65-'66 Mustang from a six cylinder to a small block V8.

NEW! Help for the '67-'68 Mustang owners who wish to convert from a six cylinder to a small block V8.

Special Project #3:
How to Remove the Rear Leaf Spring Front Mounting Bolt without resorting to Fire or Violence

Update: New Improve design (no pics yet) and the name of the person I got it from.

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Try this link for help on tough technical questions on '65-'73 Mustangs and '60-'73 Fords.

Another good site:

A great Mustang website and an awesome Forum.

Need some advice for your Ford or GM inline 6 cylinder?

Here's the bee's knees of I6 knowledge: If you want more power out of your I6 Ford (or GM), this site is for you!

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