Jeff Ogden's Plethora of Personal Proprieties

Tampa Electric

Manager of Systems Software
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Florida College

I received my A.A. here before completing my B.S. in Management at the University of South Florida. I received my MBA at Saint Leo University.
Florida College is the world's best kept secret for private colleges.

Identical Twins

I am an identical twin and although I haven't been to the Twinsville festival, it sounds like a must for all twins. My identical twin lives in Athens, Alabama.

Coin Collecting Information

Plant City, Florida: Strawberry Winter Capital of the World!

Home Sweet Home

iSketch Classics by Ogden Artists

Where I go to church.

Listen to the King James Version in Real Audio.

Audio Bible also in Real Audio.

Live Long and Prosper!

The Chicken Dance....for my nephews Kyle and Cameron

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