**** Paul and Phyl's Life in Retirement ****

We reside in a community near San Francisco named Daly City where we have lived for 35 years and since Paul retired from military service. After 21 more years in a civilian job he retired again.

We have a married daughter and two grandsons, Brian, age 17 and Matthew, age 15. I was a stay-at-home Mom until our daughter started college when I also returned to college studying Floraculture then opened my own florist business. I gave up my shop when Paul retired the second time but I still do floral arrangements from my home.

Paul is originally from Reading, PA. and I'm originally from Toronto, Canada. How we got together is a major long story so I won't go into that here! We've been married for 49 years (Feb. 9/06).

Since our retirement we like to travel, usually with a senior center group. We have been to Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, So. Pacific Islands, Hawaii, Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, Costa Rica, So. America, the Amazon, around Cape Horn to see the penquins and recently through the Panama Canal. We also lived in France for 3+ years during the military years so took the opportunity to visit Germany and other European Countries.

In the past few years we decided to see more of the United States so with our senior group we have travelled to Florida (Disneyworld, Epcot, MGM and Kennedy Space Center), Yosemite, the Northwestern National Parks (including Yellowstone) and the Southwestern National Parks called the Grand Circle. In August/97 we had an Alaskan train adventure with our senior group. We flew to Anchorage then boarded a train that took us through Denali National Park and to Seward where we boarded a boat and toured the Fjords with its glaciers and sea life. In March 1998 we travelled to Costa Rica visiting volcanos and travelling by boat through the canals of the rain forest. In 1999 we had an Erie Canal trip trough all the locks. Also in 1999 we had a trip to the East Coast of Mexico and visited a Mayan Ruin. Feb. 2000 we made a trip up part of the Amazon River.

When we're not travelling Paul keeps busy with two bowling leagues, sports (reading, watching, talking about), bird watching and being a grandpa. Besides being a grandma, I have been addicted to the computer for 16 years so, here I am, a Netaholic!


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