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"The Bloodhound is not a dog that one simply owns or belongs to; it is a breed that totally envelops everyone who even casually becomes involved. There are no Bloodhound owners but lots of Bloodhound people."
Roger A. Caras

Want to know who we are first?

On The Road. . .Revisited, A Dog's Story

This is a "Heartland" type of story because it's heartwarming. A true story about our oldest and bloodhoundiest, bloodhound Hannah


The Newest Member Of Our Bunch

Martha Visits With Santa And Looks Like She Loves It !

Great Face Bad Camera Angle.

Fun Afternoon In The Snow With Her Buddies.

A Rare Moment Sharing A Meal With Maybell .

It's O.K. You Can Play With That .

Martha Enjoys A Well Deserved Rest.(On The Couch. . .Of Course:)

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