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The Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education is a state wide organization of parents, educators, and others interested in appropriate educational opportunities for gifted students, support for parents, and professional development. The Alliance provides leadership and advocacy to seek differentiated education and services for the diverse needs of over 50,000 gifted, talented, and creative students in Michigan.
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April 2002

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FAQ for High School Students (scroll down)

News Article on Dual Enrollment Controversy

2002 Conference Update

New Sites for SENG and Roeper School (use Parenting Link in table below)

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New!Join our E-mail spread out, "Staying Connected", a individual mailing to parents, teachers, and advocates for gifted children by Marie Brucker, Vice President for Affiliates. To add your name click here mailto:brucker@ismi.net

Please let her know the city and county in which you live. The news of meetings would be within travel distance. It will also include meetings/conference of importance to parents and teachers, state and national legislative updates, and informational pieces (i.e., Midwest Talent Search information, Secondary Options updates. Over 700 people around Michigan are now enrolled.

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Our Vision Statement on Talent Development

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Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education
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Kent County Association for Gifted and Talented - New site, New group. Give them a click

The LEAP (Learning Enrichment Activities Program) - Novi area parent group is anxious to help parents understand and offer support. Novi parent leaders will also discuss the group's progress, share resources and field questions. Questions- call Lynda Favorite (449-6326) or Cheryl Miller (735-0102) or e-mail lyndafav@aol.com

ROOTS (Royal Oak Opportunities for Talented Students) Home page -   R.O.O.T.S. mission is to establish a partnership with the School District of Royal Oak to address the unique needs of High Ability Students academically, emotionally, and socially to enable them to achieve their maximum potential. R.O.O.T.S. shall provide support for High Ability children and their parents and educational professionals in Royal Oak, Michigan and its surrounding districts by sponsoring informational exchanges through speakers, discussion groups, networking and literature.

ADAP (ADVOCATES FOR DEVELOPING ACADEMIC POTENTIAL), the MAGE affiliate from Warren Consolidated, has a website: ADAP Home Page . Check out their Family Events calendar

W2Alliance - - -The W2 Alliance has a web site http://www.w2alliance.com.The W2 Alliance is the Western Wayne County affiliate of the state-wide Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education. It is an organization of parents, educators, and friends who are united in their support of gifted and talented children.

Please send your announcements or news to the Web master at the E-mail address below. If you send a attachment please indicate the file format.

"Images" Our Quarterly Nesletter: Your comments and articles appreciated.

Legislative Updates -

Keeping our members current on the status of government issues is an important part of our mission of advocacy on behalf of gifted and talented students. We supply these links to help you inform your legislators on your concerns and ideas. Included is a link to the Michigan Department of Education so you can stay in touch with administrative changes, decisions and rules.

Michigan Legislative News and Updates :

Here are links for:

Michigan's Delegation in the U.S. Congress (107th)

The Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan State Senate

Michigan Governor's Office

Michigan Department of Education

Student Award Programs

National Student Awards A listing of programs in science and the arts which seek and reward exceptional student achievement.

Nicholas Green Award - A memorial award funded by the Nicholas Green Foundation, and designed to recognize excellence in young children. The Award, which will include a U.S. Savings Bond, is made in every state to a student, between grades 3 and 6, who has distinguished him or herself in academics, leadership, or the arts.

Talent Development/Social and Emotional Needs Programs

Midwest Talent Search is based on the premise that early and accurate assessment of students showing evidence of advanced academic abilities or achievement through out-of-level testing can be useful in designing and obtaining more appropriate academic programs for them. MTS seeks to give sixth, seventh and eighth grade students a more accurate picture of their mathematical and verbal reasoning abilities. Armed with this information, students and parents can reap the benefits of specialized curricula, enrichment programs and even accelerated courses of study.

Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI)- The mission of the Institute, at Purdue University, is to further the development of gifts and talents in individuals throughout their life span. They conduct research on the psychology of talent development, train professionals from all nations of the world to promote the development of individuals who have gifts and talents, and provide services to talented individuals and their families.

Let’s Get Real is a competition and an opportunity for teams of students to gain experience working on real business problems. Corporate co-sponsors supply real problems for which teams submit solutions in business format. Each team chooses, from the list of problems, the one it finds most interesting. Problems might include environmental issues, manufacturing, distribution, engineering, software creation, human resources, health and safety, facilities design, public relations, or any other areas deemed important to the corporations involved. Let’s Get Real is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. Awards are given to the winning entrants.

 Destination ImagiNation Destination ImagiNation dedicates itself to enriching the global community and the lives of all those touched by their programs by providing opportunities to explore and discover unlimited creative potential through teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect. The Michigan Creativity Association is the site covering the state program

Odyssey of the Mind - A creative problem solving program fostering divergent thinking, team work and imaginative paths to problem solving for teams of students kindergarten through college.

Welcome to the Math League- Competitive math, for fun, in grades 4 to 12.

National Science Olympiad- This competition is team based and centers on solving scientific problems. Lab procedures, analysis of data, periodic table, running an obstacle course.. Well, click here, you'll see.

LISTSERVS- What They Are and How to Subscribe.

Summer Programs/Grants/Scholarships

We are looking for more news for this section. Please submit information of programs near you.

University of Michigan Summer Performing Arts Institutes at North Campus and Interlochen

Center For Talent Development Summer Programs

College Gifted Programs, 18th Annual Summer Institute for the Gifted : Vassar College, Drew University, Bryn Mawr College, Denison University, George School

Wayne County RESA Summer Family Activity Guide

Teachers' Pages

Information about and for educators

MTN logoMichigan Teacher's Network is an online library with thousands of high quality resources that can be effectively used with students in the classroom, for professional development, or for educational planning and problem solving. It is a a state level project that may be very useful for K-12 teachers and parents working with gifted students.There is no registration or fee to use MTN. MTN can be a great place to look for enrichment materials. We also now have the Michigan Curriculum Content Standards available for browsing on our site with links to correlated resources in our database. Specific question s can be directed to Kate Pittsley, MTN Librarian and Information Architect; Michigan Teacher Network, kate@merit.edu

Edhelper.com Linking to edhelper.com would be a great addition to your resources. They currently have over 1,000 Webquests and 6,200 Lesson Plans. That includes tons of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and many more resources.

 Virtual University, Michigan State University - Michigan State University welcomes non-degree students to its courses and certificate programs. Most regularly scheduled courses are open, on a space-available basis, to non-degree students (including high school juniors and seniors who have strong academic records) who meet the specific prerequisites.Virtual University offers computer linked instruction over the Internet.

Michigan State University Honors College: Information of the varied programs of the Honors College at MSU and their Gifted and Talented programs. They promote differentiated educational programs for students in grade school, middle school and high school.

Utica Public Schools - Gifted and Talented Program- "In each of our 27 elementary schools an In-building Program has been designed for academically talented and gifted students from grades 4th-6th. The curriculum is built upon student interest using community resources. It stresses creative and divergent thinking skills at the highest levels, problem solving activities, competitions, and in-depth studies beyond the regular classroom experience."

Roeper School - is a coeducational day school for gifted and talented children, located in the Detroit metro area. Students learn in an environment which recognizes and encourages excellence and provides intellectual stimulation and challenge. The school hosts the Roeper Review journal of gifted education.

Omaha Public Schools Gifted Program - The Omaha Public School District recognizes that students with academic proficiency have educational needs that differ from those of their age peers. While these students require the basic knowledge taught in a regular school program, and need the chance to develop socially by interacting with other students, they also require differentiated learning experiences that challenge them and are appropriate to their needs.

Fairfax County Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program - Fairfax County Public Schools seeks to provide an educational program that recognizes the unique value, needs, and talents of each student. Instructional programs for the gifted and talented are educationally planned to provide eligible students with differentiated instruction designed to encourage development and understanding of individual capabilities.

Imagine: Opportunities and Resources for Academically Talented Youth- Journal of the academically talented program at Johns Hopkins University. Recent contents listed, subscription information and sample articles.

Internet School Library Media Center- Sites of interest to teachers and librarians interested in using the Web.

SuperKids Educational Software Review- Reviews of a wide variety. They provide links to software makers and an area for your opinions.

Getty Center for Education in the Arts- Information for arts educators and those interested in the field.

National Research Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development- We guess the title sums it up.

State Gifted Associations - Listing of Gifted-Talented Association Web Sites for 35 other states, from Alabama to Wisconsin

Job Listing Information -- Look here for news on positions being offered in Michigan serving gifted and talented students. Please send any submissions to Email  button

Information on Advocacy

Analogies on Giftedness - One of the more effective ways to argue for the benefit of gifted and talented programs is through the use of analogies. Here are a few people have found very powerful.

The Palcuzzi Ploy - This is an informational piece written by J. J. Gallagher, and appeared in the PALS Newsletter, published by the Parents for Able Learner Students of Lakeland, Florida. Sometimes we have to reach people where they are at! 

Pamphlet on Michigan Alliance- Reprint this to explain the resources and point of view of the Alliance.

Successful School Conferences- Some practical hints to make it a win-win proposition.

Advice for High School Students - Straight talk on dual enrollment, SATs, PPSSAT's, NMSQUAT, and other choices.

Forming An Advocacy Group How to get yourself started and on track

Why Join An Advocacy Group What Advocacy can and should accomplish. A useful recruiting handout.

Links and articles of special interest to families

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page includes annotated links to gifted education resources all over the world, organized into content areas including academic acceleration, gifted learning disabled, profoundly gifted, educational theories, traditional schooling, home schooling, and lots more. Plus first hand success stories by the parents of gifted kids, along with Frequently Answered Questions. International lists of gifted organizations and conferences, too. In addition, you can find resources for our kids including magazines, software, web links and books. Check it out!

SENG ( Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) was formed to bring attention to the unique emotional needs of gifted children. It provided adults with guidance, information, resources, and a forum to communicate about raising and educating these children. Today SENG has expanded its goals to focus on not only gifted children, but also on gifted adults. Many schools, communities, and organizations focus on the intellectual needs of gifted individuals. SENG brings attention to the unique social and emotional needs of gifted individuals, which are often misunderstood or ignored. By underwriting and providing education, research, theory building, and staff development, SENG promotes environments where gifted individuals can develop positive self-esteem, thrive, and utilize their talents.

EduHound.com "Our goal is to be, Your K-12 Educational Guide to the Internet. We are a categorized directory of more than 30,000 K-12 Educational Links. We're a great starting point for all the very best educational web sites, teacher resources, lesson plans, libraries, webquests, reference materials, adult continuing education, technology information and much more! "

Britesparks is a community site from Australia serving the needs of gifted children and those who are twice special. They have an excellent collection of educational resources which may be of interest.

Kidsource- Excellent selection of articles. Each reviewed and rated. Wide variety of additional information available from the home page (linked from this one).

GT World- Cyber meeting place for parents. Features an active listserv for parents (expect 20 to 50 responses per day by your e-mail after you subscribe, {free}). Also a Chat room, MUD devoted to the gifted, and G/T links.

Parent Pals Special Education and Gifted Newsletters- Parenting information from a variety of professionals. One section is devoted to gifted children.

National Association for Gifted Children Home Page


Check here for the latest listing of conferences

Links to other Web Sites - Here are some of the best web sites we've found so far. We are open to your suggestions for additions. We moved the information to another page to speed up the loading time for this one. Click the topic of interest from the list below.

Graphic Arts

Language Arts

Performing Arts




Talent Development

Fun Sites

Other Sites with Gifted/Talented Information-

Ohio Association for Gifted Children The mission of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children is to promote and to support the development of gifted students through dissemination of information, advocacy on their behalf, encouragement of affiliate organizations, and to promote research in the area of the gifted child.

Additional resources from the Gifted Resources Page- THE best all around site - for nation wide resources. It was the inspiration for this Michigan Alliance Site.

Michigan Electronic Library- Links for gifted education information.

Yahoo! Search Site- Education:K-12: Gifted Youth

Consider sending news, opinions or any information to fill in the outline above. If any links are dated or inappropriate for family viewing please let us know.

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