w e l c o m e

this is me attempting to update this hellish of a webpage which continues to elude me.(i updated my statistics thingy...woo-hoo!) so much content to edit; so much content to create. oh heck. my friends know what's going on with my life...bah! i might vent in my web journal...i don't know...
oh btw, links to go back home are always on the bottom of the page!

bio. here is the page where you will only get the gist of me and my awfully, wonderful background.

life. ahh, life...a diary of sorts; a small glimpse into my life...whoever cares...

thoughts. sometimes i rant and rave about some subject. and sometimes i write it down and share it with all of you.

media. art, cds, movies (mostly art house), poems and internet links that i really like, or am really enthralled by. some criticisms, if any...and a whole lot of reactions.

photos. gander at friends of sue and their odd photo subjects. no one can do "whores making bbq" better than us. doh! and i still have to upload that picture still :)

shouts. basically, dedications and "shout outs" as they say, to people of importance in my life...and maybe a few slams, heh...hey it's my hp!

guestbook. please sign in and tell me you were here and tell me what you think.

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