W O F - 3D engine

Created by Frank Willemsen & Corin Langosch
Welcome to World of Fantasy Home Page. WOF is a new awesome 3D polygon renderer, developed by Frank Willemsen
and Corin Langosch. It uses BSP-Trees for hidden surface removal. It's brand-new so it still contains
lots of bugs and is NOT yet optimzed. You can download a demo, or some screenshots.
Also some sourcecode is avaible !

There are currently two version avaible of WOF:

The standart version (dos, 32bit) can be reviewed here.
There is also an older sourcecode avaible for download of this version.

The second one is for Win95 and OpenGL and is now rather simlilar to Quake II
than to Quake I. Please notice that you don't need quake data files for this version
since it has its own fileformats and utilities.

Thanks a lot to ID Software for releasing some of their sources !
Without ID Software, WOF and a lot of other projects would never be
started I guess.

If you want to check out the current worklogs click here
You may also take a look at the "known bug list". Just click here

Something different:

Get get some more personal info about Corin Langosch.
Download some older stuff from his sourcecode archive. It includes mainly older
    QBasic and Pascal programs he wrote a couple of years ago.

Want to contact Corin Langosch
Want to contact Frank Willemsen

Other interesting links:
3D Engines List
This German university site lists over 200 3DEngines (some with source code).

The greates 3d API I've every seen !
The best and easiest 3D API I've ever seen. 3Dfx Devbelopers Program
Offers the latests libs (glide, opoengl) etc..

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