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The Cheerleader. Jenny Anderson.

Welcome to the Andersons home page. Thease characters which is writen about on this page is nothing but fiction. Nothing here has happend.

This page is mostly about Jenny and Linda Anderson who has been wrestling for 3 years now. Thease two wrestlers has been in over a dozen of diffrent leagues. sadly one of their first leagues has just closed down and now they are sort of out of the jobb. But they are still found in the CWF. Where they are wrestling to the fullist. You will also find out informastion about Tiffany and Jessica Anderson who are the younger sisters of Jenny and Linda. And you will find out about the feud the sisters had with each other.

The Lifeguard. Linda Anderson.
Tiffany Anderson.
Jessica Anderson.

The Cheerleaders.

The Cheerleaders started out in the IFWF. Jenny Anderson and Tina Dream became the first ever cheerleading tag team. And the two of them went out to wrestle allot of matches. They never did have much success though, and soon the two of them split up and ones more started to wrestle as singels.

The was just the start of the Cheerleaders though. Jenny Anderson joined up with a wrestler named Donna Marie. Sherry Ann's Cousin. And Jenny and Donna Marie did a very good jobb together. And after a long struggle they managed to secure the Tag team titles from the IFWF. A month later Jenny and Donna won the WFWL Tag team title belts and secured another win. The WFWL closed down though and Jenny and Donna where the last tag team champions there.

In the Battling ring angels Jenny and Tina Dream decided ones more to wrestle together. and a few weeks after they had joined forces ones more. They managed to secure the tag team titles there. They did lose the titles a week later though but that just showed that Jenny had ones more won tag team titles in a wrestling league.

Jenny & Linda Anderson as the Cheerleaders.


After about a month later Jenny joined up with her twin sister Linda Anderson who joined her in the ESW, a league which is no more sadly. The Cheerleader did very well in the league and became the tag team champions there as well. They hold onto that title belts until the league closed down, and the Anderson twins claimed their title belts as their own.

In the IFWF Jenny and Linda went on to win the Tag team title belts twice before they vanished from the league for awhile. They did reappear in the IFWF after a few months but sadly the feduration went bankrupt.

Jenny and Linda went on to win the tag team title belts ones as the Cheerleaders which they didnt have long before losing it to a better team.

At this date Jenny and Linda can be found in the CWF where they are challenging for the tag team titles.


Picture of the lifeguards.

The Lifeguards

After about a year and a half as the cheerleaders. Jenny and Linda decided to change their gimmick to The Lifeguards. This all started in the Battling ring angels and it happend when the Anderson twins took and join forces with Jennifer Christian who is still in the Battling Rings Angels. Soon after becoming the Lifeguards Jenny and Linda become the Tag team champions in the Battling ring angels. But after they took and broke up with Jennifer things went down hill for the Andersons and they lost their title. A couple of weeks later the Lifeguards went out of the Battling rings angels and they where out of wrestling for a few months. Before they ones again arrived in the IFWF.


The lifeguards are still going in the CWF and they are among the good girls there. They just took and elimanted their twin sisters from the CWF. The only problem is that Jenny and Linda can never agree on if they should go as the Cheerleaders or as the Lifeguards.

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